Umiam Lake

Umiam Lake which is also known as Barapani Lake in Khasi(Local) Language. It is a mesmerizing manmade reservoir in the hills, 15 km north of Shillong, Meghalaya. It was created by damming the Umiam River in the early 1960s. The area of the lake and dam is spread over 220 square km.

Barapani is the first and most popular tourist spot to be visited in Meghalaya. It attract lots of tourist from across the country. It is also a popular destination for water sport and adventure facilities.


Shillong -  Scotland of the East.

Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, is the home to numerous waterfalls. It derives its name from Lei Shyllong, an idol worshipped at the Shillong Peak. Standing as tall as 1496 meters, Shillong provides a relief from the heat across the country. This hill station is known for its picturesque sights and traditions. The soothing climate makes Shillong suitable to visit in all seasons. The light drizzles and the cooling gentle wind adds to the joy of visiting this hill station. This place is also known as the ‘Scotland of the East’.

Tourist spot includes Umium Lake, Shillong Peak, Lady Hydari Lake, Ward’s Lake, Don Bosco Museum, Elephanta Falls, Sweet falls etc.


Ranikor, a border village in the south west Khasi Hills. It is located near the Indo-Bangladesh border. Shillong is approx. 150kms from Ranikor. On the banks of river Jadukata close to Bangladesh. Ranikor is a beautiful place which is famous for abundance of Mahseers. The dark blue deep water of Jadukata offers ample scope for water sports. One of the best fishing spots and a hotspot for anglers. Anglers can row up the river where the Kynshi and Rilang converge and enjoy angling for the huge golden mahseers, golden carp, silver carp and the common carp. The surrounding rock cliffs with forest and the clear blue water add to the scenic beauty of the place. This is a tourist paradise and there are a few falls and hot spring around which can be visited duing the rainy season.

Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls in Nongriat- The Best Kept Secret of Meghalaya. 

At a distance of 18 km from Cherrapunji, Rainbow falls is a serene waterfalls located near Nongriat village in Cherrapunji, Meghalaya.

The Rainbow Falls is so called because one would always see a rainbow over it when there is Sunshine.  The waterfall drops down into the pool wearing the natural rainbow sashay with pride. The path to Rainbow Falls though defined is not cemented and is a mix of alternating ascents and descents.

The trek to the Rainbow Falls starts from Nongriat Double Decker Bridge and it will take 1 to 2 hours to complete the trek. The Double Decker Living Root Bridge in Nongriat village is accessible only by trek from Tyrna village. One needs to reach Tyrna by bus or cab.

Mawsynram Village

Mawsynram is a village located in the East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya 65km away from Shillong which may take around 3 reach.

If 'RAINS' are your first love, then Mawsynram will become best unforgettable experience. Since it receives rains throughout the year, there are a lot of river and lake charms to witness and live by. A rain lover's paradise, Mawsynram is one of the best tourist attractions of India. The 'Maw' in Mawsynram is a Khasi word meaning 'stone'. It symbolizes the unique megaliths unearthed in the Khasi Hill area. The village is well known for its huge formation of a stalagmite, which takes after the shape of a 'Shivling'. Located in the East Khasi Hill district of Meghalaya, Mawsynram is 1400 m above sea level. The rains are so powerful in Mawsynram that the local villagers have to make use of thick grass to sound-proof their homes from the thunderous rain. It is a must visit places once you are in Meghalaya to make yourself feel the real meaning of hill stations.


Mawphlang Sacred Forest is perched on the East Khasi Hills near Mawphlang village in Mawphlang is located 25 kilometers from Shillong.

Mawphlang sacred forest is believed to be the most sacred among all the sacred forests is the whole Meghalaya, it is guarded by one strict rule – ‘NOTHING is allowed to be taken out of this Sacred Grove. Not even a leaf, stone or a dead log’. Failing to comply may lead to death. The local Khasi tribes have been preserving this forest for thousands of years, and believe it to be the abode of the local deity, called Labasa. The tribal people have a firm belief that Labasa protects this forest and their community from any mishap. The deity takes on the form of leopard or tiger, and protects the village. To maintain favors or appease the local deity, the villagers make animal sacrifices in the stone temples located within the forest.

Mawlynnong Village

Mawlynnong- God’s own Garden

Mawlynnong Village is also known as God’s Own Garden and for all the right reasons. In 2003, Mawlynnong was awarded the title of the cleanest Village in Asia by Discover India. Alongside cleanliness, the village have achieved a lot- be it 100 percent literacy rate, or a women empowerment scenario that the rest of the world can only dream of.

Reasons to visit this wonderful village during your Meghalaya trip are Firstly, Cleanliness, Secondly, Living Root Bridge. There are many more reasons which one can please themselves during their visit.

Liatlum Canyon

Liatlum Canyons – End of Hills

At Liatlum one can find breathtaking gorges and steep winding stairways that leads their way to the lush green valley. The beautiful rocky trial to Liatlum is a trekkers’ Paradise. As it is said “Difficult roads leads to beautiful views” This proverbs suits here the best as the terrain here is difficult which leads to the best vies in the world.  This is a trek worth adding to any trek lover’s bucket list of trekking expeditions of India.

It takes around 1.5 Hrs. to reach from Shillong- Scotland of the East. Meghalaya is also known as ‘abode of the clouds’, Liatlum justifies why this name is referred. Clouds blanketing the entire Canyon in an ethereal white Shroud, the mist Swirls & moves with the wind.

Krungshuri Falls

KrungSuri Waterfalls is one of the best tourist attraction point in West Jaintia Hills District of Meghalaya. It a water reservoir in which water activities like boating & swimming can be done with proper safety majors.

It takes around 4-5 hrs. from Shillong to reach this beautiful destination.

One can Camp there & spend the night on the bank of the falls with the service of food & bonfire.

Double Decker Living Root Bridge

Meghalaya's most famous root bridge, the "double-decker" root bridge, can be found in the vicinity of one of the wettest places on earth -- Cherrapunji (also known as Sohra). From Sohra It takes around 20 minutes to reach Nongriat from where the trek to reach the Double Decker starts.

Visiting the double-decker root bridge is not easy. The trek there is long and tiring & to reach to the bottom it will depend upon the enthusiasm of an individual. It's worth it though, for an out-of-this-world experience that's guaranteed to be a highlight of your travels.

The beauty and cleanliness of the village is also outstanding. It's obvious that the residents have high regard for the environment. For the night shed Trekkers may find a homestay within the village with the local dish experience.


Cherrapunji in Meghalaya is one of the wettest places on the planet and the only place in India to receive rain throughout the year. Cherrapunjee in Meghalaya, also known as Sohra is known for its double-decker living root bridge. It is located on the Shillong Plateau about 35 miles (55 km) southwest of Shillong,

Cherrapunji in general is a good place for trekking. The most popular trekking route is the one that leads to the Double Decker Living Root bridge in Nongriat village. Other activities you can do in Cherrapunji are river Cannoning, Rock climbing and Camping. To see all the wonders, it has one has to visit it personally.

Places to visit in Cherrapunji are Elephanta Falls, Nohkalikai Falls, Seven Sisters Falls, Dainthlen Falls, Arwah cave, Rainbow Falls, Mawkdok Dympep Valley View Point, Wei Sawdong Falls, Mawsmai cave, The Eco Park & many more.

Boating, Kayaking, cliff jumping, zip lining, Snorkeling, Camping, Bonfire

Dawki is situated in the West Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya. It's approx. 2 hrs journey from Shillong & 4.5 hrs from Guwahati Airport. It shares border with Bangladesh. Dawki is famous for its Umngot River in which one can see the river bed while boating . It is one of the cleanest river in India. Fishing is one of the main occupations here apart from agriculture & mining. So, fishing boats are a common sight in Umngot River.